Our Organization

Board of Directors

Board Chair, George Goree
Recording Secretary, John Reid
Treasurer/Web Content Steward, Nonetta Pierre
President/CEO, Barbara Shannon-Banister, Ph.D
Administrative Manager, Veronica O. White

Advisory Board Members

Matthew Antoine, Buffalo Soldiers of the Rocky Mountains
Roy Smith, APS Coordinator
Erica Papillion-Posey, Artistic Programs
Bernard Celestine, Aurora Civil Service Commissioner
Guardie Banister, Aurora NAACP
Fran Lindsey, Accounting Consultant
Mike Coffman, US Congressman
Leonard Anderson, Photographer
Renee Fajardo-Anstine, Cultural Connection
John Gay, Medical Consultant
Joyce Axton Jamison, CEO of Relax, Ltd.
Craig Nash, IRS Consultant
Anthony Rainey, President, Covenant Technologies
Sum Nguyen, Vietnamese Community
Lily Shen, Summit Chinese Choir